Beloved Good Morning Bujumbura

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Beloved Good Morning

I am Josiane TASSIN civil status, I am of French nationality.
Well then I send you this mail, know that it is the work of God for
You have to choose from the archives so many messages on
the Internet
for you
Entrust this great responsibility which I am sure you will
Take it as a blessing and a gift from a woman of good faith.
It is true that I do not know what I asked God, is
Make your holy heart to realize my plans with the GIFT. I
Meaning so bad every day because I do not know if I will survive
Various operations. Beloved, I am afraid to die, but life has
Leaves no choice. I pray the Lord our God kindly
Give me a place in paradise. I have suffered so much
love. My biggest hope you can give me is to stay
Pray with me because I know you are a believer of God. I
Not want to leave this earth without realizing that my money
Served the poor children, the poor, the orphans and others,
a big
Beloved relief. This is a heavy responsibility, but I
Offers this sum (two million twenty five thousand Dollars) 2025000
$ Us for you to manage it as if it were in the interest of your
My most cherished wishes in the world. However, I understand
Your surprise at my approach. You know, there is
Several organizations in the world that I could contact. But I
Rather no, I prefer that it is a person like everyone else
World, to which I entrust this enormous responsibility to create a
Foundation and who perform good works like the late Abbot
Pierre. In
Past, I donated to associations I terribly
Never been satisfied with the management of these gifts. There is a lot of
Suffering in the world, and we must be human beings who have
Can help a little while these are the people who are in
Difficult to do. This kit contains all (twenty-two million
Five thousand dollars) in a $ 2.025 million Us Mallette. Yes
you are
OK then wait for your reply to my letter that I can
Put you in contact with my bank.
Please e-mail me this email:
Josiane soon TASSIN
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